Outbreak at Al-Oumara

Meat used turns out to have been laced with cyanide

After a lengthy investigation by the FBI and hundreds of deaths, it has been found that the famous local Arab restaurant Al-Oumara is guilty of lacing the meat they use in their shawarmas with cyanide. According to the authorities, the lacing of cyanide into the meat was accidental. Despite this, many people are still skeptical of the restaurant. Besides the shawarmas, multiple families have reported to the local police department claiming that after they had eaten the rice they ordered with their meal, they started to feel dizzy and some even claimed they were vomiting for hours on end. In the most extreme reports, families have claimed that a loved one started coughing up blood violently and died after eating a large amount of their Lebanese Salad. Unfortunately, we could not get a press statement from the FBI about this. However, we were able to speak to one of the families affected by this tragedy.

Due to privacy concerns, the family would prefer to remain anonymous. Therefore, we will be referring to them as family X.

We asked the mother of family X about their thoughts about Al-Oumara. I think they are the ones at fault here. Seriously, how do you let cyanide of all things into your food? Shouldn't there be someone checking the quality of the food and making sure it isn't contaminated with anything? The worst part about all of this is that it took so long for the authorities to catch on and realize there is something wrong with the food. Had they stepped in sooner, not as many people would have died due to the poisoning. My precious little son would still be alive if something had been done sooner. After responding to this question, the mother of family X broke down into tears. As a news company, we made the unanimous decision to cancel the rest of the interview. It would not have been very respectful of us to push the grieving family more than we already had.

As of now, this is all the information we were able to gather on this recent tragedy. However, we will be sure to deliver you, the reader, with regular updates on the situation 24/7. And remember, stay safe and make sure the food you're eating isn't contaminated.

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